Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Studding Project

Good afternoon! So I'm sitting here, in my brand new studio, watching some horrible Jeff Goldblum/Silverstone movie and studding my new jean shorts away. I bought these jeans at American Eagle last week because they were really cheap. They fit me well but I felt like the faded denim+shortness combination was a little too... young? I guess. The point is, they were cheap and fit me well so why not get them, right? Seeing as I'm a costume design student, I figured I could use some of my studding skills and attack fashion. Though I don't own a whole lot of studded things (actually only one blazer with studded lapels), I LOVE studded things when they are done right and more rock-like. No matter how much I love studs though, studs are terrifying... If you are my age, you might remember the birth of the 'emo'-look when it was mixed in with early 2000's skater look. Remember rainbow coloured studded belts? Enough said. 
Here's a close up of what I've done so far;

I'll keep you posted! 

Lost in a sea... of Boxes!

We have neglecting our blog and (sadly) our store in the past week because we've been up to our necks in boxes! Vanessa and I had been waiting for this move for so long and it hit us pretty fast when last Monday arrived. We had two apartment to pack and two cats to move! I am more than relieved to leave a studio apartment for a beautiful and very old 4 1/2. We now have a studio and the cats have so much room to run! It took us three days, but we've finally unpacked all the boxes and secured the apartment for Frank and Chloe (Those two found the most dangerous and surprise hiding spots while the apartment was packed with boxes and furniture). Anyway, we're all good now and I've got a studio place in front of those two bright windows you can see up there. We're back concentrating on our baby business and working hard for it, hoping more sales will come! We were also FINALLY able to ship our orders because Canada Post is back in action!! I ran over there this morning (happier than ever!) to ship those packages and was greeted by grumpy and rude employees.. Which makes me nervous for my orders. They didn't seem to care much about their jobs.. Hopefully my orders survive...

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Lizabettas... I'm in love!


Once again, I was procrastinating on Etsy today. I wasn't finding anything too too great and was getting a little bored.. Actually, so bored I was about to get back to the work I had put down to procrastinate in the first place. This is when my eyes fell upon a pin-up beauty! ( I loooove vintage pin ups ) More awesome than just a pin up picture, it was a pin up picture on a pendant. This is how I discovered Lizabettas. This store is filled with beautiful picture pendants, all at reasonable prices. If you're a fan of jewelry and pendants (which I am), this store is like a little haven. The banner is lovely, there is free shipping for the summer, you may choose your own pendant color (silver, copper, bronze, ect) and every pendant is lovelier than the next. I really want every single one of them. With already 21 sales, they are sure to grow and grow! Be sure to check this store out!! 

Store: Lizabettas
Facebook: FB Page

Here's one of my favorite Lizabettas piece!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

We've put up our latest print for sale in our store! The first one of the two prints is the one for sale at 10$. It was taken a few weeks back during a weekend back home, visiting family. The second one was as well, but we're not quite sure if we should put it up for sale on Etsy.. What do you think?

Friday, 17 June 2011

Country-inspired this early morning!


Check out our latest Etsy treasury HERE. We've featured some awesome items from various sellers on Etsy, both vintage and homemade. The three items above are taken straight from our treasury and come from awesome shops. Urbandesign is a great photography store which houses the most beautiful shots! The store offers a great variety of prints in various sizes as well as some beautiful cards, bookmarks and pendants. AmyKristineVintage offers loads of vintage products. The quirky banner is awesome and everything is well priced. The photos of each objects are clear and, with 389 sales up to date, has never had a negative feedback. If you are a vintage lover like me, you MUST check out Amy Kristine Vintage. Finally, MyAdobeCottage offers both handmade and vintage items. The cottagy-feel of the shop is both relaxing and whimsical. The store offers different products for different types of home. Whether you want an item for your
 cottage or an item for your modern home, Myadobecottage offers all. This shop goes above and beyond Etsy and was featured in Country Living Magazine back in November 2010. Be sure to check them out! :)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Paris, je t'aime!

 Macaroons   Glistening Knight   Eiffel Tower

I practically drooled when I saw these photos for the first time! I was looking for Marie-Antoinette-related items on Etsy one day (You should know I'm ridiculously obsessed with Marie-Antoinette) and I stumbled upon these girls' store. Chezjolly is an Etsy photography store owned by two best friends, Jessica and Holly, from the United States. Their store is fairly recent (May of this year), but their work is strong so damn beautiful! Their representation of famous French scenes are whimsical and, for someone who's never been to the country, exactly like I picture France to be. With reasonable prices and awesome collections, their pictures are simply the perfect decoration to add a touch of vintage, fantasy and romance to any home. Just add a small, gold antique frame and you've got a jaw-dropping decoration for your walls. Check them out!!

The Morning After

Oh my, be proud of us, we've finally started a blog! After starting our store, Scribbles And Shots, we really wanted to start our blog to get ourselves out there and be able to feature some of our favorite artists both on and off Etsy. This required loads to research. For some reason I, Karen, was left with the task of blogging even though I lack much internet knowledge... Unlike the other half of Scribbles And Shots, Vanessa, who threw the task of blogging in my hands ;) . So, after staring at a blank blog page for hours last night, I finally gathered my courage and started typing this morning! So here we are..

I guess you're wondering who we are. Like mentioned above, we're Vanessa and Karen, two girls from Montreal, Canada. Vanessa is a photographer/psychology student and I'm a costume design student. I convinced Vanessa to start up an Etsy store selling her pictures (because I think they are fantastic!) and Scribbles and Shots was born! Everything picture-related comes from Vanessa and everything business-related is my doing. I'm an avid arts/crafts obsessive lover and hope to overload this blog with people's work.
Something you need to know about us (or maybe should I say me..) is our extreme love for our cats, Frank and Chloe. They are both adorable and, should you continue reading our blog (we hope!), you will often hear about them. Here they are;

They both love to sleep.. Aren't they cute?!