Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lost in a sea... of Boxes!

We have neglecting our blog and (sadly) our store in the past week because we've been up to our necks in boxes! Vanessa and I had been waiting for this move for so long and it hit us pretty fast when last Monday arrived. We had two apartment to pack and two cats to move! I am more than relieved to leave a studio apartment for a beautiful and very old 4 1/2. We now have a studio and the cats have so much room to run! It took us three days, but we've finally unpacked all the boxes and secured the apartment for Frank and Chloe (Those two found the most dangerous and surprise hiding spots while the apartment was packed with boxes and furniture). Anyway, we're all good now and I've got a studio place in front of those two bright windows you can see up there. We're back concentrating on our baby business and working hard for it, hoping more sales will come! We were also FINALLY able to ship our orders because Canada Post is back in action!! I ran over there this morning (happier than ever!) to ship those packages and was greeted by grumpy and rude employees.. Which makes me nervous for my orders. They didn't seem to care much about their jobs.. Hopefully my orders survive...


  1. Awww best of luck in your new place and may nothing but good times and hardy laughs fill your rooms. Love your kitteh's! T

  2. Your new place looks amazing! Can't wait for Thursday!!!

  3. THank you :) Can't wait for your guys to see it!