Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Finally back from Los Angeles! The trip was amazing and it truly is a spectacular county! While we were there, we shot so many things and are in the process of getting everything ready for the shop! So far, we've got three prints up. To celebrate our return home, we started a Bogo Sale! Buy 1 and get 1 free. Buy any card/photo print and get another of equal value or less for free! We also reduced the prices of a few items in the shop. 

Check out our sales! Scribbles and Shots

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Los Angeles at last!!!

The day has finally come for us to fly away! First trip in years for me and we're both so excited for the beaches and palm trees!! I've got a never-ending list of vintage stores to visit and I just cannot hold my excitement! This said, we are closing the store and blog for 9 days and taking a break from everything. We'll be stocking up on fabulous LA picks and we'll be putting those up in the days following our return. Visit us back in 10 days and see some amazing shots for Vanessa!! :) 

Have a great week!! 

Friday, 8 July 2011

Friday Fashion - Vintage 50s Eyewear

Happy Friday to all! :) This Friday is one of those rare Fridays where, for me, days off actually follow (Hooray for 10 day vacations!). I thought this fashion post would be the best way to end my work day. I LOVE eyewear and always get really excited to find a great pair of glasses. I hate the modern models and am obsessed with vintage frames (I wear imitations of a classic man's 1950s eyewear frames). Anyway, I couldn't believe my luck when I stumbled upon this lovely Etsy store. Vintage 50s Eyewear offers an amazing variety of vintage eyewear frames, anywhere from mid-century to awesome 80s frames. Though some might find the prices a little high for something you could find in your grandma's closet, the prices are great and actually more affordable than anything I've ever found in any stores around my city. The owner presents each item with a great description and wonderful product photos. Every frame is greater than the next and the selection is great, from men's frames to beautiful cat-eye ones. I highly suggest you visit this store if you love anything vintage. Glasses have really made their distinctive mark in each decade (Remember the brilliant 80-90s GIANT frames??) and there isn't a better fashion accessory and statement. Any of the frames sold in this shop can so easily become part of your own personal fashion statement. Simply buy the frames and pop in regular lenses or prescription lenses and you're set to go! Here are some more items from this fantastic store;

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lazy Sundays; Greeting Cards!

Hey everyone! We're introducing two new things to this blog today; Lazy Sundays and greeting cards :) Lazy Sundays are, well, me being lazy. Basically, today is one of the only days we completely focus on our new work. Though I'm still hunched over my computer, slaving on Etsy, I'm not reviewing any shops. And so, on our first lazy Sunday, we introduce to you our first ever greeting cards! We currently have three cards in store, but are planning to add many more. Most of the cards will be prints already available in our store, though some will be exclusive to our greeting cards. They each go for $3.40 and come with a simple, white envelope. The cards measure 6"x8" and have an actual photo print on them! Each print is mounted onto a thin cardboard sheet of a complementary color, which is then put onto a textured-paper card. Let us know what you think!! 

Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday Fashion - Katie Walker

I was desperately looking for inspiration for our first Friday Fashion blog and couldn't find anything. I was about to give up and turn Friday Fashion into Art Fridays when I stumbled upon this store on the main page of Etsy. The dress caught my attention immediately and I was happy to discover a store with articles each prettier than the next. The pictures and presentation of the clothes are simply stunning and the clothing articles themselves are even more beautiful. The store offers a relaxed, yet sophisticated lifestyle and transports you to a brilliant world of fantasy where everyone seems serene and perfectly at ease. I encourage you to visit KT Jean Designs and discover these wonderful designs for yourself. Her store truly is a success and I only look up to such a designer! We wish her all the luck and hope her business grows and grows !